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The Fear of Coding in Public

– by Nils Wittler

The thought of publishing code (e.g. at GitHub) is kind of uncomfortable for me. Compare it to singing loud in public: people will stare at you, people will judge you, etc...

Thoughts like these creep into my mind:

  • "What will all the pro developers think of my code?"
  • "There is probably a way better solution to this problem - my code sucks"
  • "I am probably not using the right tools - there is this new fancy JS framework I should be using"
  • ...

It is all in your head

Let's face reality here: most of these thoughts just come from your monkey mind trying to protect you from leaving your comfort zone just by an inch.

Or probably not...

As noted above the most thoughts creeping around in your head, when you think about publishing code (or let it be anything on the internet), are way overexaggerated or just out of reality.

People will always judge you - and I guess this is a fact everyone has to be comfortable with. If you click your way through Twitter and Github you can sometimes see this kind of "feedback" people give on other peoples work. It is probably good to get a healthy STFU mentality regarding those unconstructive comments and posts by other people.

Come to term with the fact that you always will be learning and there are things you do not know. Even well known developers, such as Dan Abramov (the co-author of Redux), did promote that fact recently on Twitter: #juniordevforlife


  • seek for constructive feedback
  • learn from your mistakes
  • share unfinished work (#shipordietrying)
  • share what you learned during the process
  • know your tools: you don't quite remember a certain method? It's ok - use for instance Dash as a distraction free tool to quickly search whole API documentation sets

"Practice what you preach!"

I hear them say! Well, I got to deliver then, right? So for all of you I just published the codebase of my personal website on Github. Feel free to take a look 🙏🏻

P.s. this article was inspired by the talk of Brenna O'Brien The myth of the “Real JavaScript Developer”

Credits: thumbnail image by Cristina Gottardi


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